Welcome to Cindy’s RC

Hello,  I will be selling products I designed here and always working on more.
  • 3d printed baffles for 93″ AJ Laser 230 with DA 70 engine.
  • wheel pant support blocks for the 93″ AJ
  • HolderZ – made with flexible fuel resistant material, glue with thick CA
    • Fuel lines – fits large gas Tygon lines
    • Ignition wires / glow fuel line size or medium Tygon
    • Extra large Fuel Lines (8mm)
    • Ignition mount
    • Servo wire holder
    • Airlines   NEW!
  • custom 3D printing service will be available as well,  requests?

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Contact more for questions or requests info@CindysRC.com

Pneumatic Air line HolderZ!
X-Large fuel line holders now available , great for 8mm lines in large Jets

Baffles for 93" AJ Laser 230 with DA 70 engine. Baffles are also available in White, Red, and Silver. Glue with Epoxy with Micro-balloons or Zap Goo/Shoe Goo.

Wheel pant supports

HolderZ made with fuel resistant flexible material. glue with thick CA. Servo wire, Double, Eights, Ignition wire, Fuel line. 3 sizes, Glow fuel or medium gas, Large (large tygon) and X-Large (8mm used on Large Jets)

Ignition mount - no holes needs to be drilled, glue with thick CA.
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