Welcome to Cindy’s RC

Hello,  I will be selling products I designed here and always working on more.
  • 3d printed baffles for 93″ AJ Laser 230 with DA 70 engine.
  • wheel pant support blocks for the 93″ AJ
  • HolderZ – made with flexible fuel resistant material, glue to wood with thick CA
    • Fuel lines
    • Ignition wires (smaller diameter)
    • Ignition mount
    • Servo wires
    • Extra large Fuel Lines (coming soon)
  • Transmitter neck straps
  • custom 3D printing service will be available as well,  requests?

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Contact more for questions or requests info@CindysRC.com

Baffles for 93" AJ Laser 230 with DA 70 engine.
Glue with Epoxy with Micro-balloons or Zap Goo/Shoe Goo.

Baffles in white

Wheel pant supports

HolderZ made with fuel resistant flexible material. glue with thick CA.
Servo wire, Double, Eights, Ignition wire, Fuel line.

Ignition mount - no holes needs to be drilled, glue with thick CA.
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