Edge 540 & Spinner


I been flying my Edge 540 for the past year and started to fly some IMAC maneuvers with a new Gas 45cc engine. Then an opportunity came to upgrade to a 50cc, so I made the decision to go for it.  Found a used DA-50 engine for a good deal and found myself in need of a new spinner.  The edge currently has a Tru-Turn P51 style spinner and as you see it looks great!


Since I liked the spinner a lot I had to get one for the new plane.


These are Ultimate style spinners.

They also have Hats! I got a hot one.  😉

I must say the Tru-Turn quality is top notch!


If you want a great quality spinner, try a Tru-Turn!

Check out their website at Tru-Turn.com

as for the story of the new plane,  I will post more about that later.


How I got into RC timeline

My husband Dave saw me messing with my dad’s old RC plane stuff , seeing that I had interest in it, he surprised me with a Parkzone Cub for my Birthday.

9/11/04 was my first flight edited-640×480.jpg

with the delays from  fixing damages and fear holding me back of trying again so quick, I never  got the hang of it.

2005 – Dave surprised me again, he got me the Mini Sportster. Mini MS
I put the plane together, so nicely done, I was too afraid to try to fly it, fearing I will wreak it, it hung on the wall for awhile. (where the engagement photo used to hang) LOL
I continued to fly the Parkzone cub, tough bird, easy to fix and  parts always available.

While visiting my parents in the Catskills, I noticed on Event calendar “NEAT Fair” RC airplanes, I went to check it out, the first time I ever saw so many planes, all types, wicked speed, hovering, stunts and Night Flyer 9/17/05


My interest to fly has peaked again after see all this.

Christmas 2005  – Dave got me a U Can Do EP Flex, – goofy foamy plane

UCDflex   The Mini Sportster continues to hang on wall, I got the UCD put together.  Early spring 2006 – Flight was a blur, got one lap and slammed into ground, didn’t know it then but plane had too much throw and only made it worse that I tried flying it almost at full throttle.   This foam was easy to fix, can’t even see where it ripped.

2006 May – found a club, getting help, made new friends, making more attempts to fly every week, now I am starting to show some improvements!

Learning fast now.

2006 Summer – First Glow plane – donation from Haggie
PT20 Trikes are hard to taxi, still can’t hold it strait for take off.

2006 Sept- Mini Sportster finally came off the wall, Rodney maiden it and trimmed it out before giving me the controls, Nice cruising plane.

2006-2007 Winter – Jason Bills gave me a U Can Do 60 that he retired.
March – flew it with a Laser 100 which keep stalling on me, since I was interested in 3D, I gave in and bought a brand new Satio 100.

2007 April – First Gas plane, 1/4 scale Cap with Zenoah G-38
Cap Old plane chugged along on full throttle (demolished when motor mount broke loose in fall 2007)

2007 Summer – Haggie had bunch of planes forsale at a meeting, and I saw the Carl Goldberg Extra 330 airframe.
crw_1256-640×480.jpg I really liked the Gas plane, love the sound of it and easier for me to start (I can’t hold an electric starter one handed, hands are too small).  I thought this would be a good replacement of the Cap and bought it for a good deal, and got all new servos for it.

The Extra flew good, was nervous with it, was getting glitches, I finally got a used Futaba 9c and put a PCM receiver in the Extra. Then one day in spring of 2008, finally getting used to the Extra, did a nice take off strait out in front of me, 400 ft out it just glided back down wing hitting first.  PCM lockout I assume,  two possibilities I found, ignition switch too close to voltwatch display or antenna on TX had loose segments.

Sold the Mini Sporster to buy the Fliton mini Extra 260

2008 July –  Ordered a new plane, TowerHobbies  had a  Carl Goldberg Edge 540 on sale for $250
img_0273-desktop-resolution.JPG same size as the Extra but lighter, also replaced the G-38 with a First Place Engines (FPE)  40cc.

Brought it with me to Huckfest CT but was too nervous to fly it, I did not feel it was ready yet, the FPE 40cc was used and wasn’t getting the RPM as it should, replaced propeller with 3W wood, which helped a little. Good thing I didn’t fly it at Huckfest, it stalled, dead sticked it in safely to find my ignition wire pulled out of coil.  Later I fitted a carbon fiber  prop and got it up to 6,800 RPM on 20×8.

Huckfest 2008 CT event

I gone to my first FlyingGiants event, Huckfest 2008 CT, Aug 1-3

It was a blast,  can’t wait to go again, next time with more experience.
Need to show the guys a girl can fly too, a few did get to see me take the UCanDo60 up. I only flew twice, rain hit us on Sat and I waited it out and flew when it stopped, most people packed up and left to the party at Elie’s house. Then I flew again next morning.

Threads covering the Event:

Video camera on a plane.

I mounted a helmet cam on a trainer few weeks ago and just now got it uploaded to youtube.com

This was first time I had the camera on the plane and started loosing power after two rounds, when I heard the engine slowed I brought it down quick.

Location: Catskills mountains in NY
Camera: Oregon Scientific ATC-2000